5 Reasons Why Belize should be Your Fall Getaway

Ah, the sweet aroma of pumpkin spice, the changing colors of the leaves, and the crisp air make the Fall season a favorite for many. But for those who miss nothing more than the sweet caress of summer, there is one destination that boasts sunshine all year long. With one foot in the Caribbean and the other in Central America, Belize makes the perfect Fall getaway. So ditch your scarf and board any one of the affordable flights to Belize for a vacation of a lifetime. Below you’ll find five reasons why Belize should be your Fall destination. 

  1. Perfect Weather. We may not experience winter or fall like our North American friends, but the temperatures in Belize still drop considerably during this time. September and October are the ideal times to visit when the summer sun’s scorching degrees have waned. The air dips to the low 80s during the day, and low 70s in the nighttime. There might be the occasional shower since it is the rainy season, but they rarely last long and are a welcome alternative to the ice and snow back home! 

2. Fewer crowds. Fall months in Belize could be considered the country’s shoulder season. The high season is a few months away and the low season takes place a couple of months prior. Shoulder season is an optimal time to visit because snowbirds have yet to make their way to Belize and summer travelers are already out the door. This sort of limbo leads to much fewer tourists at popular attractions. Think crowd-free selfies at nearby Xunantunich, more one-on-one time with nurse sharks at Shark Ray Alley, and deeper interactions with locals. 

3. Independence Day Celebrations. September in Belize is arguably the most anticipated month in the country. Sure, summer food festivals and winter events draw sizable crowds every year, but none compare to the ones at September Celebrations. Belize’s birthday lands on September 21, but unlike the United States, we don’t only celebrate on the day. We treat it as one giant month-long party, with parades, events, and pageants. From a flag-raising ceremony and a costume competition to vibrant, colorful parades and musical concerts, the vibes are endless. When planning your visit, we suggest adding Belize City’s Carnival Road March and Orange Walk’s Independence Parade to your itinerary.

belize food

4. Seasonal food. Just when you think delicious rice and beans and scrumptious ceviche are the best things you’ve ever tasted, the spiny lobster season opens up. This year’s lobster season is set to open on July 1, so you’ll have all of Fall to indulge in the decadent crustacean. You may have just missed the annual Lobster Festivals, but you can still enjoy lobster in all its forms on the islands. You’d also be supporting the hardworking Belizean fishermen whose livelihood depends on fishing as a way of life. 

5. High Rainforest Activity. Belize is blanketed in lush rainforests and dense jungles, making it a nature lover’s playground. In the fall, however, the forests come alive with wildlife making the most of the occasional rains. Here at Hidden Valley Inn & Reserve, you’ll find the broadleaf trees look greener, the pines more verdant. While hiking on our many trails, you’ll come across stunning birds, furry critters, and maybe even a jaguar print, or two. To truly immerse in the jungle ambiance, we suggest a daily morning meditation at one of our many yoga platforms. Staying during the Fall also means you can go early morning birdwatching or waterfall hiking without breaking much of a sweat. Just strap on your boots, your trusty binoculars, and your curiosity for the marvelous.

Butterfly Falls

The list above is just one of the few reasons Belize should be your Fall getaway. To help you make that leap, Hidden Valley Inn offers various specials and packages exclusive to guests. Check them out here to give yourself the vacation you deserve.