5 Things to Do in Belize This Fall

belize waterfall

For many of our North American friends, fall entails crisp breezes, carved pumpkins and spooky trinkets. The brisk air holds a magical feel to it, where we anticipate cozy weather and exciting adventures. Many choose to take their vacations in the summer, but believe us when we say, you discover something wholly new in visiting Belize during the fall. Not only does this thriving little country have cooler weather during the autumnal months, but there are many pumpkin flavored treats distinct to our culture to indulge in. If you need one more push, fall is the ideal time to book a trip and take advantage of Belize’s shoulder season. What else could you possibly need? There’s no shortage of eye-opening experiences in Belize, so we’ll highlight five essential fall activities to do when you visit.

Seek the Stygian Owl While Bird Watching

Stygian Owl

The Mountain Pine Ridge area in Cayo is defined by luscious jungles and thriving ecosystems. Here, the temperature is cool and winds caressing as you traverse to spot the Stygian Owl. You’ll find it perched in a dense forest and watching you with its striking yellow eyes. With its dark plumage and signature ear tufts, this owl is the perfect Halloween creature. Once you spot those stark yellow eyes among greenery, you’ll be entranced. Marking the Mountain Pine Ridge area as its home, this bird has to share that title with many other avifauna, as the area contains a list of rare bird habitats. The best way to explore this all encompassing reserve is to join a birdwatching tour, where you have a friendly guide lead you to the best viewpoints. The Hidden Valley Inn & Reserve provides two birding tours to choose from, and you’ll get to seek Hidden Valley’s “Big 5”, a list of rare birds that mark the area as their humble abode. Keep an eye out for the King Vulture’s signature black, red, orange and yellow colors or for the Solitary Eagle itself, being the rarest bird out of them all.

Trek the Maya Mountains in Cayo

hiking belize

Thinking of a way to stay active while in Belize? Worry not, as Hidden Valley’s Reserve contains over 90 miles of invigorating trails to select from. Hiking in the latter months of the year means you’ll have the best weather to exercise in. A gentle wind exists to cool the hard-earned sweat on your skin. Discover the many captivating waterfalls that sustain life in the reserve, and after trekking through flourishing foliage, reward yourself with a satisfying dip in their refreshing waters. If you’re not one for hiking but still seek activity, the Inn offers complimentary mountain bikes that can be used on the trails. Choose to bask in solitude for a day and explore the wonders the reserve holds. This escapade will leave you being more in touch with nature than ever.  

Conquer Caracol Ruins and Rio Frio Cave


Ascend what once was a city bustling with Mayas and sacred endeavors carried out by the young and old. Caracol is Belize’s largest Maya site and its tallest pyramid, “Caana” or Sky Palace, stands at approximately 140 feet high. Climb its majestic temples and embrace the view from where a Maya once stood long before you. This adventure is usually paired with a trip to Rio Frio, the largest cave dome found in Belize. Just an hour away from the Inn, this cave allows you to enter the Maya underworld Xibalba, and invokes a feeling of spookiness and awe. Hidden within the trees of Mountain Pine Ridge’s Reserve, you’ll stumble upon this cave’s 65-foot entryway, making it look eerie at first glance. While it hits all the marks for an ideal Halloween adventure, there’s no need to be afraid. The cave is only half a mile long, so you’ll have plenty of daylight to accompany you once you trek inside. This excursion is the perfect combination of the exploration and appreciation of nature’s gifts to mankind.

Canoeing Down the Macal River

Cruise along tranquil waters and between booming wildlife as you explore the Cayo area on your own. You row along to your own pace and welcome nature’s blooming flora and fauna with open arms. Bring along your binoculars and try to spot interesting critters and birds that will be nesting in Belize during its migration season. This journey makes for a calm day where you have all the time you need to venture to your heart’s desire. Not at all a strenuous activity since the fall breeze will be pushing you down the river in a peaceful rhythm. 

Embracing the Belizean Culture

belize culture

After all this connection to nature, it’s time for some human connection with welcoming locals. You don’t even need to be here a full day to start learning how Belizeans are, with their laidback way of life and carefree attitude. The society is a beautiful blend of ethnicities and traditional values, resulting in a fascinating people. If you visit in the Fall, you’ll have the true Belizean experience since everyone is gearing up for holidays and celebrations. Should you visit in October, enjoy the many delicious meals made from conch and lobster as it is its open season at the time. November may be known for Thanksgiving, but in Belize we proudly celebrate Garifuna Settlement Day on November 19th, with mouthwatering food and upbeat music. To fully immerse yourself in Belizean roots, undergo Hidden Valley’s Mayan Cultural Experience and learn how to cook traditional dishes and how the stunning pottery gets made.

If these experiences spell out your dream vacation, waste no time in booking a trip to Belize. The Hidden Valley Reserve & Inn can make any of your fantasies come true when you visit, with many experiences and packages to delight you.