For every new place you visit, there is a new food you must try. There are a few things you must indulge in before you leave Belize, in order to get the authentic local experience! Here are our top three must haves: First up is a sweet baked bread called a Johnny Cake. It’s more of an english muffin than a cake. It is made with flour and coconut milk, and is the perfect accompaniment with butter, cheese, beans or stewed meat. Second on the list is our world famous ceviche; made from fresh conch, shrimp or fish, diced and cooked with lime juice. It’s a refreshingly light treat that is perfect for the warm days we have in Belize. Finally a quick treat for those on the move are the Tamales, they can be found almost anywhere throughout the country. Cornmeal packed with meat or beans, peas, onions and tomatoes, can be found wrapped in a plantain leaves, steamed and ready to go!