A Meeting of the Mayans

Take a step back through history and experience the amazing Cahal Pech Mayan Ruins and Museum. Off the beaten path from more well-traveled sites, the Cahal Pech ruins were rated one of the Top Traveler's Choices of 2014 according to TripAdvisor. The site consists of seven plazas and over thirty structures including temples, residential buildings, ball courts and an altar. Quiet and peaceful, visitors can choose to either explore the ruins on their own or tour them with a knowledgeable guide. Hungry for more history? Be sure to visit the museum, which has a model of the site, paintings that depict Cahal Pech in its heyday, and an interpretive film. For an afternoon of exploration, wind back the clock thousands of years and wander among the ruins before heading back to Hidden Valley Inn for late afternoon downtime in one of the Belize nature reserve's hammocks.

Address: San Ignacio, Belize

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