A Must-Do Zoo

We can't rave enough about the Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center, one of our favorite Belize adventures. This special place doubles as a wildlife sanctuary where more than 150 rescued animals – including toucans, jaguar, puma, tapir, raptors, harpy eagles and spider monkeys – that might not make it in the wild find refuge and plenty of newfound friends. All are native to Belize and live (and sometimes hide) in natural, lush habitats. Spanning 29 acres, the zoo's "enclosures" are nothing like what you find in big metropolitan zoos. Just a fence and a chicken wire separate visitors from more than 45 species of Belize's indigenous wildlife. Our tip: Make this a stop on the day you land in Belize City, for a quick introduction to Belize wildlife and a welcome way to break up a long day of travel en route to Hidden Valley Inn & Reserve.

Address: Western Highway

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