A Sight Worth Earning

    If you’re traveling to Belize, chances are you’re interested in beauty that’s both natural and historical. For a destination that blends both of these aspects, you may want to take a tour of Actun Tunichil Muknal, a remote cave filled with Mayan relics. The Hidden Valley Inn & Reserve leads tours to and through the caves, so the logistics will be low hassle for you.

    Exploring the caves to their full extent will require a willingness to take a sometimes strenuous, and sometimes wet, hike. You’ll begin in the jungle, swim through a pond, and scramble up a rock just to get into the cave—which is part of the adventure. When you’re inside the cave, you’ll still be called upon to cross water and shimmy through the caves, and you’ll come across a wide variety of Mayan relics.

    A tour at Actun Tunichil Muknal will give you insight into the Mayan history and lifestyle; inside, you’ll see the skeletal remains of human sacrifices, handmade pottery and rock formations, and other artifacts. The religious site inside is about 1300 years old, so it’s truly a unique opportunity and well worth all the effort it takes to get there. Your tour guide will also make sure you know everything you need to know about what you see—and more.

    Be prepared with water-safe shoes with full coverage, extra socks, and clothes you’re ready to get active in even while they’re wet. There are no photos allowed, so you will not need to lug a camera with you, and you’ll be able to take in all the sights without flashing lights going off around you.

    Per government restrictions, tour groups must be small, so you’ll want to schedule your tour well in advance (perhaps, even enough in advance to secure a time early enough in the day to avoid other groups). You’ll be happy you saw the sights, euphoric to have conquered the physical feats, knowledgeable about Mayan history and culture, and so relieved that you’ll be brought right back to the Hidden Valley Inn & Resort for a shower and a nap.


Tea Kettle Village, Belize

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