Art History in the Making

Belize affords plenty of wonderful opportunities to see and learn about Mayan artifacts, but what about the art still being created in the country today? García Sisters’ Place is located just outside the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, and here you’ll find a wealth of black slate carvings depicting aspects of Mayan culture and portraits of local wildlife. While similar carvings can be found throughout Belize, these ones are crafted by the five García sisters, natives of Belize who were born and raised in the area—and are the originators of the black slate carving form. You’ll also be able to explore their healing center. Here, you can take part in indigenous healing treatments for a more hands-on understanding of the local culture and history. García Sisters’ Place is also close enough to the Hidden Valley Inn & Reserve for you to easily bring your beautiful artwork back to the hotel safe and sound—no need to worry about your carvings while going on your next adventure.

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