Shake up your annual holiday traditions and spend this December in paradise! Belize is a central American gem, full of rich culture, spectacular scenery, and beautiful people. Check out these three reasons why you should absolutely spend your holiday season in Belize.

1 | You can count on warm weather — the weather in December is very mild and completely delicious. Cool without being cold, and warm without being too hot and humid so that you can comfortably enjoy outdoor activities during the holidays

2 | There are tons of festive events that take place in the country all month long. Belizean’s take their holidays very seriously, from attending midnight mass to dancing in the Junkanoo band, you’ll be able to find something inspiring around every corner.

3 | Don’t just celebrate one holiday, celebrate four! Belize is very diverse, so be prepared to celebrate at least four different holidays during the month of December — Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza and Boxing Day, just to name a few!