It’s time to rejoice – queen conch season has officially reopened. Conch is a mollusk that lives in a beautifully vibrant pink shell in the shallow waters of the Caribbean Sea. Get all the fresh, tasty conch that your heart desires from October to June while the season is open. Try it in a fritter form, out of a soup bowl, or right there on the side of the road with a pinch of lime — no matter how you get it you can be sure that this sweet ocean treat was plucked delicately from its shell just a day earlier. But don’t just taste it, take a piece of the shell home with you! Artists all over Belize have mastered the technique of conch carving, Turning the already dashing shells into stunning jewelry that you will wear for the rest of your life. Indulge in a Belizean classic and live out your vacation dreams like a true local!