Find your Zen at this Belize Jungle Resort

Nestled in the rainforests of the Mountain Pine Ridge region lies a sanctuary many yogis are drawn to for its unique location and natural immersion. Within its 7,200 acres of sprawling jungle, Hidden Valley Inn is also home to three yoga platforms that beckon those looking for Zen. The Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, about an hour away from San Ignacio Town, is notoriously known for its rejuvenating ambience. With Hidden Valley Inn creating a home within the confines of this reserve, it’s no surprise the jungle resort is able to provide such an experience for guests looking for inner peace. If you’re planning to get your yoga on while staying at Hidden Valley, here are three yoga locations for rest and reflection.

Yokol Chen. The beauty of staying at Hidden Valley Inn is that almost every natural attraction is within walking distance. Take the jungle platform Yokol Chen, for instance, whose structure is a mere 10-minute walk from the Inn. A wooden platform with a thatched roof balanced over a gentle, flowing river, Yokol Chen is Sanskrit for “on top of the well.” Located at the bottom of a small hill, Yokol Chen is secluded enough that your Savasana at the end of every session will be done in utmost peace. You can either visit the platform with your fellow yogis or in solitude to fully appreciate the one-on-one time with the dark, enshrouding tree ferns surrounding Yokol Chen.


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Yokol Chen

Om Shanti. The Om Shanti, which translates to “let there be peace in peace,” platform is perhaps the true hidden gem out of the three. A short walk from the Inn, you might not even notice the slow transition of Pine Savanna to broadleaf forest when you make your way to the center of this platform. Considered a mere extension of the jungle surrounding it, Om Shanti is the epitome of natural immersion while doing yoga. To get there alone is an exciting venture, having to walk across a short, wooden man-made bridge before arriving at the platform. Trees spurt through the wooden floor, and a canopy of broadleaf give the coolest of shades while performing your Zen rituals. 

Awat Balam. Arguably the showiest of the three, Awat Balam seeks to wow yogis when striking their warrior pose above the gushing Tiger Creek Falls. This wooden platform is perched almost directly above the cascades and is surrounded by tall, looming trees with an unobstructed view of the valley spread out below. You can either hike the 45 minutes to this platform or drive directly to it. Either way, stepping onto it is an experience that will have you spending the entire morning there if you’re not careful, yoga or no yoga. After a long session, a well-deserved cooling off is in order. Make your way to the back left of the platform to discover you’ve come face-to-face with Tiger Creek Pools. Rushing water washes over the jutting rocks, ideal for perching on as you admire the jungle below.

Tiger Creek Belize

The best part of these three jungle platforms is that they’re directly at your disposal when visiting Hidden Valley Inn. If you’d really like to make the most of the yoga and spa amenities, we offer a Yoga Retreat Package catered for practitioners interested in coordinating a retreat. A maximum of 24 guests will be able to seek their spiritual renewal at these platforms. The package also includes chef-prepared meals (vegan/vegetarian options), cultural tours and more. Pair these refined activities with the many hiking trails available at Hidden Valley and you’ve got yourself an unforgettable stay.