Five Reasons To Mountain Bike at this Jungle Hotel in Belize

Whether you are a pro, newbie or somewhat in between, here are 5 reasons you will love the mountain bike adventure at Hidden Valley Inn, located in  Mountain Pine Ridge of Belize:

Calling all adventure seekers. Imagine yourself biking to one of 10 waterfalls or secret swimming holes. With over 90-miles of trails, there is something for every type of mountain biker in Belize.  ‘

Your jungle biking adventure awaitsYour jungle biking adventure awaits


1. Jump on one of our freshly sanitized mountain bikes, and socially distance yourself from the world. Let us stock you up with cold water and a snack for your journey. 

Deciding on which Scenery Trail to goDeciding on which Scenery Trail to go

2. With over 7,200 private acres of natural beauty at Hidden Valley, choose your own adventure.  You can head out on your own with a radio on a self-guided tour or tag along with our naturalist guides and learn about your surroundings as you bike. If you get tired, or decide you have had your fill…simply radio back in, and get picked up anywhere on the property. Now that’s what I call service! 

3. Relax your mind, exercise your body and take in the cool Pine Ridge air. A full body experience is calling your name in the jungles of Belize. 

4. Looking for an amazing view? Hidden Valley Inn, a jungle hotel in Belize,  has trails that offer picturesque waterfall views, or the perfect spot for a swim. 1,000 foot falls is the perfect trail to get in a great morning workout. 


 take breaks to look aroundNo rush, take breaks to look around

5. Need a break? Lots of trees, resting points and cool watering holes can be found around the property. Take a moment to relax, and enjoy your surroundings. You might even spot a rare Orange Breasted Falcon, or perhaps get a view of a family of foxes. When you are biking, you are more likely to spot some of our resident wildlife.

Whether you are an avid mountain biker, or just an amateur looking for a fun ride, our jungle hotel has something for everyone. Belize is known for its beauty, and with only 12-rooms we are naturally distanced…so no need to worry about large groups, or full trails. We can’t wait to see you on the bike!