Holiday Wishlist: Hidden Valley as Your Winter Escape

In the blink of an eye, 2022 has rushed pass (at least, that’s how it seems) but thankfully, we still have the magical season of December to look forward to. Mouth-watering delicacies, cherished holiday traditions, and most importantly– some time off to decompress. What more could we ask for? Although winter in Belize isn’t snow and subzero temperatures, we enjoy it all the same. Plus, with the weather barely dipping below the 60s, this means more outdoor time to explore and have fun! Don’t let the season of giving and receiving pass you by – indulge in a winter escape that entails adventure and relaxation, preferably surrounded by nature. With Hidden Valley Inn and Reserve, you’ll have a cozy holiday atmosphere and a decadent getaway that pampers you just right.

The Cozy Cottages

Step foot into your cottage and immediately feel the warmth that emanates from your fireplace and wraps you in its embrace. This dwelling holds nothing back when it comes to providing you with utmost comfort after a day exploring the great outdoors. Hidden Valley’s estate rooms and suites are the perfect cottages for the holiday season. A crackling fireplace, a clawfoot bathtub, and an outdoor waterfall shower are sure to reel you in. Cocooned by the forest, the cottages are cozy little abodes that entice you to lay in the hammock and take a restful nap. Feeling inspired by the jungle canopy and active wildlife? Jot down all your exciting adventures on the mahogany writer’s desk and feel the words flow through you. Escape the monotony of daily life and unwind on luxury sheets and feather-soft beds. Hidden Valley makes sure to provide the best accommodations to relax you on vacation.

The Soothing Spa

Speaking of decompressing while here, the winter season is the time to treat yourself to some indulgent self-care. After the year we’ve had, don’t we need time to loosen up and pamper ourselves for a day? You surely deserve it. Schedule an entire day of just pure downtime at Hidden Valley’s Nikte’ Ha Spa. Start off your day with a deep cleansing facial and feel the rejuvenation in both face and spirit when you’re done. Then, make sure to book a Swedish Massage to loosen up your sore muscles. Believe us when we say that after hiking Hidden Valley’s trails and swimming in its refreshing waterfalls, you’ll definitely thank us for the massage! End the day with a body scrub and leave the spa feeling like a changed person. You’re ready for the adventures of the next day and even more so for the holiday celebrations.

Hidden Valley’s Breathtaking Ambience  

hidden valley ambiance

There’s no place like Mountain Pine Ridge to feel appreciative of what all you’ve accomplished this year. Immersing yourself in nature leads to some soul-healing and energy replenishing we all need before we enter a new year. In Hidden Valley Inn’s 7,200 acre reserve, you have all the space to venture to your heart’s content. Over 90 trails to choose from and more than a handful of waterfalls to dip into. Trek through the Cascade Trail and meander past streams that tumble gently over rocks and cascades that splash happily alongside you. When back home you couldn’t dream of heading outdoors for a frigid walk; here you can make friends with peeping creatures. This reserve is the perfect bubble to traverse and escape routine. When you walk upon the Sky bridge and look at the stunning view before you, you’ll be glad you chose Hidden Valley Inn as your stay.

The Winter Special Getaway

hidden valley inn pool

If you’re worrying about traveling on a budget, you’re not alone. We know that the holidays mean buying gifts and cooking feasts. That’s why Hidden Valley Inn offers a special promotion during the winter season to lessen the burden of expenses. Four nights at a cozy estate room for a discounted price is too tempting to pass up. The package includes meals and insightful tours that help you learn more about Belize and its wonderful culture. Discover the Caracol Maya site and the Mayas’ underground world of Xibalba that showcase important facts about their once thriving society. On a different day, trek through forests on horseback or on foot and spot interesting animals and plants. The adventure never ends. 

We’re sure that now you just can’t wait for your vacation! These reasons are more than enough to kickstart your holiday mood and have you planning your escape. Hidden Valley Inn has all the best traits to create an unforgettable stay and we’re always willing to help should you have any inquiries.