Honeymoon in Belize: Off-grid in an Exclusive Magical Paradise

Looking to take the love of your life on a tropical getaway? Belize is just the place! It has beautiful beaches, lush jungles and plenty of adventures. It can be as adventurous or luxurious as your heart desires. 

Hidden Valley Inn’s Tour Guide

Hidden Valley Inn has romantic tours and adventures galore, and the best part, once you are there, you are really there – you don’t have to leave their vast property to make the best of your stay. It is secluded and very romantic. 

We were grateful to Hidden Valley Inn’s long-time Tour Guide Marvin, who picked us up from the airport. He shared local stories and gave us his best advise on how to enjoy everything Hidden Valley Inn offers – we wanted to make the most of our honeymoon!

On the way, we made a quick stop to stretch a bit before continuing on with our journey. The drive was smooth with the newly developed Georgeville Road taking us about 2 ½ hours. It went by so quickly with the incredible scenery and views from the comfort of Marvin’s air-conditioned van.

As we got to Hidden Valley Inn, we were greeted by Estelle, she’s such a sweet soul, who welcomed us with a cool refreshing drink made of basil, ginger and lime. 

hidden valley couples getaway

After, we were taken to our room so we could change and get started with our honeymoon adventures! Marvin drove us to the nearest car park where we got out and hiked 10-15 minutes, to Secret Falls and Pools, it seemed like a fairy tale. This time was reserved especially for us, my partner and I could decompress and appreciate the serenity of the space and each other. It was an amazing start to our perfect get-away.

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The set-up was incredibly romantic and magical. They went above and beyond our expectations. A beautifully set table was waiting with a bottle of champagne and an elegant lunch. We ate, drank, and got in our private pool water. These Maya Mountain springs are cool at first, but that fresh-water rinse cleansed our mind and our spirit so we could focus on what was important – each other.

After our refreshing dip, we laid together in the hammock and just listened to the sound of the soothing water, singing birds and rustling leaves. Paradise found. This secret spot has a set of two waterfalls; the lower falls is where we had our picnic lunch, and the upper falls – albeit a little smaller – still reserved especially for us to take a dip.

After enjoying the Secret Pools and Falls, we hiked back up to the where our driver was waiting for us. Marvin then whisked us to Butterfly Falls for yet another adventure.  This waterfall is the most popular on the Hidden Valley Inn property. The journey was easily navigated and well worth the short trek! We learned a lot about the flora, fauna and fungi – the greenery is so rich in nature. 

hidden valley rooms

After we returned to the Inn, we headed to our room to find our bathtub prepared and ready for us to unwind after all those waterfall activities. The tub was filled with wild orchids which is the Belizean flower, hibiscus and also rose pedals. The aroma was something to remember. 

After relaxing, we got ready for our romantic dinner by the pool. My partner is vegan and we were so excited about the vegan friendly options on the menu. The broccoli soup is a must try as an appetizer. Everything tasted amazing and the drinks were inspired by local ingredients – delicious doesn’t even describe it!  

private shower

The next morning, we indulged in our exclusive and private outdoor hot/cold shower. You feel so connected to nature and to each other. We used their homemade body scrub – it smells yummy and leaves your skin feeling so soft. The rest is x-rated, so we’ll leave it at that! 

Hidden Valley Inn is the perfect off-grid destination for a honeymoon. I would definitely recommend at minimum 3 nights as an overnight will limit your time to enjoy everything and then sum; and a private romantic lunch at the Secret Pools and Falls is a must.  Just let the magic happen. The hosts at Hidden Valley Inn are dedicated to ensuring that the first days of your new life together are just the beginning of beautiful adventures.