How to plan the perfect last-minute getaway to Belize (without breaking the bank)

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With ease of restrictions after two years, families are starting to plan their much-awaited summer getaways. But what about those who have yet to pick their vacation destinations? For those last-minute planners, Belize hails as an easily accessible beach destination that caters to families of all types. Rising fuel prices and high travel demand may scare away certain travelers, but there are tips to make sure you have the summer vacation of a lifetime without breaking the bank. Here’s how to plan a perfect sun-soaked last-minute getaway in Belize. 

  1. Keep track of flight alerts. According to Business Insider, airfare prices will rise significantly over the summer due to increasing fuel prices. But not to worry – there are certain hacks travelers can try when aiming for that ideal Belize flight. Set airfare alerts on your mobile phone or email to make sure you know whenever an airline’s flights have dropped in price. Experts also recommend booking flights mid-week, like Tuesday or Wednesday, when the prices are a little lower. Belize has also recently welcomed budget airline Frontier Airlines which offers flash sales often.


2. Visit in the off-season. Traveling to Belize in the off-season doesn’t only save you money, but can provide more intimate experiences as well. Most snowbirds flock to Belize in the wintertime when it can get crowded. But June and July in Belize leave Maya sites and popular attractions almost all to yourself. Your little ones will be happy to have the beach all to themselves when visiting Placencia. Your Xunantunich family photos will have virtually no other tourist in the background. And of course, the off-season means prices on certain hotels and excursions are considerably less.

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3. Book with a Travel Agent. To make your last-minute Belize vacation truly breezy, leave all the work to a knowledgeable travel agent. All the hassle in planning a perfect trip is out of your hands and all you’ll need to do is show up and start making memories. Travel agents will take care of the entire planning process, leaving you to get your family packed and onto the plane. Sometimes, travel advisors are able to get you exclusive offers which end up adding more money to your pocket, too. Local agents will also send you to the best, under-the-radar spots in Belize that can make for a memorable vacation.

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  1. Stay off the beaten path. To complete an extraordinary Belize vacation means making sure no experience is ordinary. Luckily, Belize is teeming with otherworldly attractions you wouldn’t find anywhere else. A last-minute vacation allows you to be more flexible in your itinerary, meaning taking on off-the-beaten-path tours. For instance, deep in the jungles of Mountain Pine Ridge, Hidden Valley Inn offers a plethora of nature-based experiences that are unrivaled. Gushing waterfalls, bubbling creeks, and lush fauna are peppered throughout the property. Here, you quite literally will be exploring hidden paths. Sure, the islands of Belize are unmissable, but so are tours exploring the gaping caves and Maya ruins in the Cayo area. For a more cultural influence, head to the nearby village of San Antonio and spend the day with Maya-descended women. Learn how to make tortillas from scratch and let your children take a fun pottery-making class. We promise the memories (and photos) of these experiences will last a lifetime. 


  1. Choose travel packages. Booking a travel package definitely makes it easier when planning a last-minute vacation to Belize. With so many options out there, Hidden Valley Inn offers a package that is ideal for first-time visitors: the Discovery Package. With this package, you and your family will be able to spend four nights in the stunning Estate room at Hidden Valley. Apart from daily breakfast and lunch being included, you get to enjoy a full day at the world-renowned Caracol Maya site. Talk about an adventure! As if that wasn’t enough, your package also includes your choice of either canoeing through Barton Creek or a forest-horseback riding tour. All of these are in addition to the full guided tour of Hidden Valley’s vast 7,200-acre reserve – with hikes to a waterfall, no less. It’s almost too good to pass up! 


All of these tips and more could lead to a last-minute Belize vacation you may keep repeating every summer after. Perhaps the next time you visit, you can opt for a different itinerary such as the Jungle & Sea package that lets you have the best of both worlds. Check it out here Belize Jungle Resorts | Hidden Valley Inn & Reserve