You’re sure to fall for Belize as soon as you step foot onto the island. From the powder-soft beaches to the lush jungle, to the smiling people and everything in between, it’s no secret that this country is completely unbelievable. Which is why Belize is the perfect place to celebrate your holiday season. This year, our charming country is sure to take your breath away in the month of December. Although Belize is located in Central America, it has a lot of Caribbean rituals incorporated throughout its culture. One of our favorite blended holiday traditions is Rum Popo, Belize’s version of eggnog or coquito. A creamy, dense rum punch that is perfect for Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years, and any other holiday you celebrate in the cheeky winter months down in the Caribbean. This drink is typically homemade but can be found at bars and restaurants all throughout the month of December. Track down this boozy, seasonal, local favorite at any of the restaurants located throughout the Cayo District, you’ll thank us later!