We are confident when we say that we know we aren’t the only ones that think Belize is a natural wonderland. Around every corner in our beautiful country, there is something incredible to see and experience. Since we are located right here in Mountain Pine Ridge, you can actually walk right outside and directly into Mother Nature’s playground. Check out three of our favorite natural beauties that are right around the corner from our eco-friendly hotel.

1. St. Hermans Blue Hole is the perfect place for a refreshing dip or a cool photo op. This pool of water came to be overnight after an underground water passage collapsed and leaked the hypnotizing blue water out to the surface.

2. Cockscomb Basin is another interesting area to visit while in Belize. This dense part of the jungle is home to the largest wild Jaguar population in Central America. 

3. Rio on Pools is the closest site to the Inn, and a great spot to climb all over the rocks and take a swim among the rushing water. This is definitely a stop you should add to your list while visiting Belize!