Lose Your Sense of Direction

There’s plenty to love about Hidden Valley Inn & Reserve but we’re going to zero in on one that’s purely practical. And, if you’re prone to getting lost or losing your sense of direction, this one’s for you! With more than 90 miles of trails, some starting just outside your doorstep, and more than 7000 acres of private reserve just waiting to be discovered…well, the idea of where to begin (and how to get back) can be a little bit daunting. Rest easy, explorers! When you head out on a journey of discovery, you’ll be armed with a two-way radio and map (and the assurance that the staff back at the Inn are listening for your call in the unlikely event you lose your way.) Still worried? Put yourself in the hands of Fredy and Richy, our top-notch guides who’ll keep you enthralled with tidbits about culture, conservation, wildlife, archeology and history while always keeping their eyes peeled for rare birds, monkeys and jungle cats.

Address: Hidden Valley Inn & Reserve

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