Ready, Set, Break: Spring into this hidden eden of a Belize forest reserve

Author Credits: Carolee Chanona for Caribbean Culture + Lifestyle

Belize forest reserve

A half-asphalt, half-red clay road leading to whatever enchantment nature decides to bring your way, your drive ends just outside the western town of San Ignacio. Tall, semi-sparse towering pine trees peer out over the signage that reads “Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve” from the mainroad, where another 20-minute drive fans out as pantone-lime-green ferns face the way forward. The road is unpaved with good intentions, where hand-laid stone pillars frame the wooden ‘Hidden Valley Inn & Reserve’ roadside sign, but the charm here is instant. Stone hearths greet you with a Mahogany guest bar, a pool terrace with a heated plunge pool, and fresh firewood fit for a bonfire that’s just as warm as your stay. At Hidden Valley, the inn and reserve combines the region’s famed eco-adventures with its own unbelievable amenities—perfect for those seeking quality time together or adrenaline-starved uni students fresh out for Spring Break. 

Stone hearths greet you with a Mahogany guest bar, a pool terrace with a heated plunge pool, and fresh firewood for a bonfire as warm as your stay. Perhaps you’ve been to ecolodges before, but doesn’t having your own reserve sound next-level? When you’re ready for a tropical escape to a biodiversity wonderland with a balance of well-earned downtime in a spectacular setting, here’s what you’ll find in and around Hidden Valley Inn & Reserve this Spring. 

hidden valley inn

In the Spring, the weather smiles on you with wildlife practically bursting from hidden corners of the reserve, where you’re still at the peak of bird migration before they head back north. Lime-green parrots dart above in pairs, dew-lined spiderwebs of widely healthy monstera leaves, and riotously synchronized Chachalaca birds guide you along your pathway into one of the 12 cottages on site of Hidden Valley.


Trust me when I say you’ll focus on this swirl of life very quickly: flight connections, looming deadlines, and any other obligations vanish as quickly as its misty mornings. The whole place blends clandestinely into the cliffside. 

trails in Belize

Moments like these are the very reason to travel to Hidden Valley after all. As a destination within a destination, you’ll take the days to yourself to break routine and immerse completely into your surroundingsventuring out in the day after breakfast with only a property map, walkie-talkie, and thirst for being a pathfinder. It’s wholly impossible to explore the surrounding 7,200 acres on this private estate, but that doesn’t mean you won’t try. There’s lookout points for every jungle cascade discovered on the reserve, and a hike is the perfect challenge before jumping in. For the beginner, head over to Cubs Den or on the Coffee Grove trails; the always-captivating Butterfly Falls are private and pristine for intermediate hikers; while Cascade Alley—measuring 1.5 miles one-way—caters for those seeking intensity. On your return, Keith will have a basil-lime cooler at the bar with your name on it. 

Hidden valley inn pool
cub's den

Trails and waterfalls are a big draw, but who’s to say you can’t head there on a mountain bike? Whichever you choose, kickback after a day of exploring the property back at the stone-framed pool for a pre-summer glow, or book in at the Nikte’ Ha Spa for Hidden Valley’s signature 75-minute massage. Although every shower or bath inside your cottage feels like a spa experience in itself: standing tubs keep it cozy indoors, while the outdoor shower is lined entirely with local rocks from door entrance to (heated) cascade and native orchids bloom through in between.  

But one of the most luxurious parts of your stay at Hidden Valley is the feeling that you have this green landscape and all of its sights, sounds, and even flavors all to yourself.


Straight out of a storybook, more than 5 major waterfall cascades and a handful of private splash pools means an instant immersion in this corner of the Cayo District’s top vacation offerings. A small, family-owned business, Hidden Valley ultimately means unwinding with posh accommodations inside its 12 cozy cottages aside an Eden of natural splendor, all within minutes of a pine and tropical forest. After all, it’s what you’ll come to Mountain Pine Ridge for—never letting modern luxury overshadow the country’s commitment to responsible tourism, nor outshine the natural beauty of the biome ahead of you. Each corner borderline prettier than the last. 

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