Anytime you head to the Caribbean, the first thing that comes to mind is relaxation and yummy cocktails, and the main ingredient in those delectable Caribbean cocktails is RUM! For the last century, Belizean’s have been making rum all over the country. There is an abundance of sugarcane grown here and with that, we have created a rum that is native to our home.

Two main distilleries are the go-to for locally crafted rum — Cuello’s Distillery and Travellers Liquor. Both distilleries have been around for over sixty years and have been perfecting their craft since they opened their doors. The gentle smoothness of Belizean rum is what keeps people pouring more. Mix it with a fruity combo of pineapple or mango, or give it a simple splash of sprite to keep it in its purest state. Sipping on these delicious homemade craft cocktails will give you the true essence of Belize, and we’ll toast to that!