The Journey to Caracol from Hidden Valley Inn

If you are a history junky or looking to experience an architectural wonder, then this is the tour for you! No trip to Belize would be truly complete without at least one Maya temple thrown in – and Caracol is the best of the best. 

More than a temple, Caracol is an ancient city – the largest in Belize in fact. With Canna (Sky Palace) being the tallest ruin in all of Belize, you’ll be able to climb to the top and soak up the view.  

This is as close as it gets to feeling like an ancient ruler. Be sure to climb all the way to the top of the Sky Palace for the Instagram ‘money shot’.

Enjoy a 31-mile scenic drive of wonder to your happy destination. The road travels through the lush tropical and pine forests, habitat to an abundance of colorful bird species. Your driver and knowledgeable guides will welcome you aboard our comfortable van at 7:30 am and have you back to our jungle resort by 4 pm. This full-day adventure will spark your interest in the Mayan culture.


On the way back from Caracol we will stop at Rio Frio Cave in the Mountain Pine Ridge area of beautiful Belize. It’s 65ft tall opening is a stepping stone into Mayan history and was once a sacred ancient burial site – you may even spot relics and pottery shards still lying about this massive cave. You are able to explore inside and feel first-hand the healing nutrients in the mud and the serenity of this quiet space.

Getting a bit hungry? A delicious lunch and rum punch are packed to satisfy the tummy and the spirit.

Do not forget to bring your swimsuit! At the end of the day, your destination is a therapeutic natural spa. Taking a dip in Rio on Pool will be refreshing after the drive from Caracol. Rio on Pools are made up of large granite rocks that cradle fresh water from streams that feed this aquatic oasis – just the place to indulge your inner spirit of calm and rejuvenation after a most spectacular day walking in the footprints of the ancient Maya.

A ‘must’ tour, this is our favorite Caracol excursion, and not to be missed!