Top 5 Most Romantic Spots in Belize

The season of passion, vivid reds, and blushing pinks has finally graced us with its presence in the air. If you’re in a relationship, you may have been eagerly expecting it, while also brainstorming gift ideas for your special person. Taking a couples’ trip may sound overdone, but it truly isn’t when you venture somewhere new alongside your soulmate. Embarking on a romantic getaway together is the perfect gift you–and your partner– could give to each other, especially when it’s at a place like Belize. Despite being petite, this tropical hideaway contains all the right elements for an idyllic couples’ retreat. Don’t know where to start? Leave it to us! Here, we’ll list the top five most romantic spots you and your partner can enjoy on a lovers’ trip to Belize.

#5 Gaze at the Natural Cascades of Rio on Pools in the Arms of Your Kindred-Soul

Kick off your enchanting holiday with what we consider a “soft adventure” to Rio on Pools. Just 15  miles off the Western Highway is the secluded world of Mountain Pine Ridge. With Pine trees that kiss the sky and fill the air with its calming aroma, nature welcomes you and your partner happily. The flowing of the cascades and the gentle breeze creates a lovely atmosphere in which to indulge in. Perch on a nearby rock in the arms of your kindred-soul and feel at absolute peace. The view is all kinds of spectacular.

#4 Strolling Hand-in-Hand Along the Beaches of Placencia

Once you’ve had your fill of lush forests, hit the road to the quaint little town of Placencia in the Stann Creek District. Tall palm trees sway in the wind and gentle waves crash on white sands at this soothing spot. A popular destination among tourists and residents alike, no one can resist the charm these beaches hold. It is the best place to feel more connected with your partner and bask in awe at the picturesque sunset. We’re sure you’ll fall in love with this spot as quickly and deeply as you did with your beloved.

#3 Overlooking the Vista from the Peak of Cockscomb Basin

After your splendid visit to Placencia, head northwest to the hidden gem that is Cockscomb Basin Forest Reserve. With over a hundred thousand acres of jungle to explore, it is the mountains that we’re recommending for the most breathtaking view yet. You have twelve trails to choose from but a favorite among visitors is the Ben’s Bluff Trail. While it may be considered as somewhat of a strenuous hike, believe us when we say the view from the top is more than worth it! Not only will you feel accomplished once you reach the top, but the vista from that height is also a reward in itself. Below you stretch acres of dense forests and flourishing ecosystems.  Embrace your better half on this peak and make sure to take some nice photos together!

#2 Standing at the Summit of a Maya Temple with Your Soulmate

Once in Belize, a must for any and all visitors is a trip to one of our many Maya sites. For this particular adventure, you’ll want to see and conquer Belize’s largest Maya temple yet. In Caracol, its tallest pyramid “Caana” or Sky Palace, stands at a whopping 140 feet in height. Make it your thrilling experience of the day and climb to the very summit and feel transported back in time to the era of the Mayas. This one-of-a-kind experience is sure to cultivate new and exciting memories between you and your soulmate. After all, how many people can say they climbed a country’s tallest Maya temple?

#1 A Private Waterfall Picnic at Secret Falls & Pools

Coming in at number one is Hidden Valley Inn’s most treasured spot. Tucked away deep in the forest is a place reserved just for you and your significant other to enjoy. Just a short hike downhill from the Inn has you encountering the majestic Secret Falls and Pools. You’ll feel like the only two people in the world, captured in the beauty of nature and each other. Reserving a trip to this spot is easy and Hidden Valley Inn even offers transportation, a delicious lunch and accompanying wine or champagne, should you wish to surprise your better half. What more do you need in the name of romance? After a delicious and intimate picnic, jump in the cool waters and enjoy each other’s presence, the canopy of trees encasing you in a loving hold.