Why Belize Should Be on Your 2023 Bucket List

belize hiking

Was the exploration of more ‘me-time’ jotted down as one of your New Year’s resolutions? Or maybe the dream of spending more time outdoors, a venture that mentally and physically elevates you? Or perhaps, everyone’s old reliable: be more active. Our advice? Transform that New Year’s Resolution checklist into a personal bucket list and make 2023 the start of a mind-blowing adventure. 

All of these – and more– are easily achieved at a tropical paradise that caters to your every need. Discover the oasis that is Belize and check points off both your New Year’s Resolutions and bucketlist at the same time. Here’s how a trip to Belize will leave you with a sense of fulfillment for the year 2023. 

Experiences to Remember for a Lifetime

belize waterfalls

It’s practically a rite of passage to have some daredevil goals on your bucket list. Isn’t the point of it to make memories you’ll never forget? Here, you’ll be surrounded by so many heart-pumping activities that it’s hard to choose just one. In the western district of Cayo, you’ll find yourself experiencing the euphoria that comes with adrenaline adventures and captivating sights. At Butterfly Falls, tucked in Hidden Valley’s backyard,  tall boulders and a thriving jungle enclose an 80-ft cascading waterfall that tempts you for a rejuvenating dip in cool waters.

Or maybe you choose to zoom overhead these verdant jungles instead, with a ziplining trip that’ll leave your heart thumping. Nothing can describe the wonder and awe one feels when flying over green canopies to see nature from a bird’s-eye view. As you whiz past overhead, make sure to soak up the wonderful vista that is the beauty of Mountain Pine Ridge! While Cayo contains a multitude of adventures to choose from, these two definitely check some points off your bucket list. If you still need to quench your need for adrenaline, explore the Actun Tunichil Muknal cave, climb the infamous Maya temple Caracol (a short drive away from Hiddeen Valley Inn) – and mountain bike through Mountain Pine Ridge’s dense jungle.

An Ambience Impossible to Get Enough Of

belize bucket list

A bucket list essentially means getting out of your comfort zone to experience life-changing quests à la Indiana Jones. However, breaking out of the familiar doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll hate where you go! In fact, you may even come to love it just as much and change your very own outlook on life. We can testify that first time visitors–whether from near or far– all fall enamored with Belize’s ambiance. It’s easy to feel right at home in Belize, with Mother Nature and her gifts welcoming you with open arms. 

Take a trek through blooming flora and fauna and discover a microcosm you’ve never before seen. Interact with chirping kiskadees, curious agoutis, and howler monkeys swinging overhead. Not fond of birds, rodents or primates? Belize offers more than one experience! Take a stroll on the beachside in Placencia and feel peace at the lulling waves crashing on sand. Or maybe just relaxing by the pool of your resort is enough to fill you with a sense of tranquility. Whatever your heart desires, Belize is more than ready to provide. Experience the wonderment of staying in our little tropical home. Here, you’ll achieve all the relaxation and ‘me-time’ you could ever need.

A Heartwarming Community to Fall in Love With 

belize heartwardming community

You may ask, “How can liking Belize’s sense of community impact my bucket list in any way?” It’s quite easy. While seeking companionship might not actively be on your bucket list, maybe finding a sense of belonging is, and here’s where you’ll discover it. With a population made up of many different cultures and ethnicities, Belizeans know all about belonging somewhere. It’s why we welcome visitors so openly or simply anyone we haven’t ever met before. It’s effortless to make friends on your very first day here. 

It’s important that the destination on your bucket list fulfills you in more than one way. While many may think it’s just the activities and views that matter, the people around you influence your experience as well. The seasoned guide that takes you through winding paths and ancient monuments at the Maya temple. Or the friendly owner of the local shop giving you adventure recommendations. The talented woman of a small food business cooking traditional Belizean meals. They all have the same passion and love for their country that becomes contagious to visitors. That experience is one worth noting. 

A bucket list doesn’t need to be something grand, or even outrageous. It should be filled with experiences you know will make you happy and when you visit Belize, you’ll be accomplishing those goals. Venture into the new year with a plan to visit Belize and cross something off your bucket list with no regrets.