Belize is habitat to some of the world's most beautiful and unusual animals. From the elusive jaguar to the massive Baird's Tapir, large and small, with foreign names like kinkajou, ocelot and coatimundi. All of Belize's five species of cats make their home in Hidden Valley: Puma, Jaguar, Ocelot, Margay and Jaguarundi. Although difficult to spot, our conservationists confirm from camera traps that these top predators are not only here in the Reserve, but seem to be thriving; which can only mean there is also a healthy population of prey.

While hiking, you are more likely to see a fox, peccary, coatimundi or boa constrictor. Our guide Fredy spotted a jaguar at Butterfly Falls and Rick spotted a family of jaguars on the road to the Inn. From the photos taken by the camera traps, we know that the cats mostly come out in the early morning hours before dawn, but if the weather is cool enough, you might get lucky and catch one drinking from a waterfall or crossing your path. Likewise, fat, healthy peccaries can often be heard wrestling about in the nearby bushes and trails.

While you may not see the animals in the jungle, you can be sure they are watching you.

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