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Zip into the New Year in Belize

Zip into the new year with an adrenaline-filled adventure! Belize is known for its lush forests, secret caves, and divine blue waters, but one way to see this incredible country from a different point of view is by taking yourself up to the trees. Zi Read more >

It's Not a Party Without Rum Popo in Belize

You're sure to fall for Belize as soon as you step foot onto the island. From the powder-soft beaches to the lush jungle, to the smiling people and everything in between, it's no secret that this country is completely unbelievable. Which is why Read more >

The Largest Market in Belize is in the Cayo District

Saturday is for the markets — farmers markets that is! Each and every Saturday in San Ignacio, Belize hosts the largest farmers market in the entire country. Read more >

Crawl All Over Caana in the Cayo District

Did you know that the tallest building in Belize was built centuries ago right here in the Cayo District? Read more >

Search for the Black Howler Monkey in Belize

Did you know Belize is home to over 534 different species of birds, giant rodents over 20 pounds, and a very unique breed of monkey?  Read more >

Follow the Ferry Down the Mopan

Belize is rich with nature and culture, one of our favorite ways to explore our own backyard is by the hand-cranked ferries. Read more >

Holistic Healing in the Cayo District

The rainforest in Belize is full of magical secrets, among the treetops and roots of the lush plants that call the Cayo District home is hundreds of medicinal plants. Read more >

Catch Your Breath at 1000 Foot Falls

Hidden Valley Inn is located in the Cayo district of Belize, which happens to be the largest and most heavily populated of all the districts in Belize. Read more >

Reviewing Local Rums in Belize

Anytime you head to the Caribbean, the first thing that comes to mind is relaxation and yummy cocktails. Read more >

Being Eco-Friendly in Belize

We are taking the month to brag about ourselves just a little bit. Read more >

Keeping up with the Caves in Belize

You can’t come to Belize without exploring the depths of this beautiful country. Read more >

Sending Love from Hidden Valley Inn

There is nothing more romantic than spending your time tucked away with your favorite person in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Read more >

Trek Through the Cayo Trails

Have you heard about our trails? Hikers from near and far seek out the beauty of Hidden Valley Inn and relish in the flourishing nature that surrounds our property. Read more >

Blend Your Holiday Traditions in Belize

Shake up your annual holiday traditions and spend this December in paradise! Belize is a central American gem, full of rich culture, spectacular scenery, and beautiful people. Check out these three reasons why you should absolutely spend your holiday season in Belize.  Read more >

Quality Spa Time in Belize

Unwind before the holiday season with one of our spa treatments or packages while visiting Hidden Valley Inn. Read more >

Conch Out in Belize

It's time to rejoice – queen conch season has officially reopened. Conch is a mollusk that lives in a beautifully vibrant pink shell in the shallow waters of the Caribbean Sea. Read more >

Horse Around in Hidden Valley

When staying at Hidden Valley, you can explore all of the caves, waterfalls, and forest by foot — four feet to be exact. Stop by our concierge desk today and set up your adventure package exploring the Valley in Belize on horseback. This full or half-day excursion is an incredible way to make your stay in Belize even more special.  Read more >

Take a Peak at the Beak

The beauty of Belize reaches far past its borders — small in size but gigantic in richness. Every single acre of this tiny country is consumed with lush forest, beautiful seas, and incredible history. Read more >

Royal-Tea in Belize

A day full of adventure calls for an afternoon of royalty. Read more >

Loving Lobster in Belize

The month of the lobster is upon us! Read more >

The Heart of the Forest

Belize is a country of many natural beauties — from the sprawling waterfalls, to the dense rain forest and gorgeous white sandy beaches, it is hard to believe that Belize has even more to offer. Read more >

Sweet Summer Time

Is summer not the most spectacular time of year?  Read more >

Taking a Moment on your Trip

Some trips that are met with quiet thought, peaceful moments and fresh air. Read more >

A Feast for Every Occasion

For every new place you visit, there is a new food you must try.   Read more >

A Belizean Treat

Having a glass of vino in the warm Belize air is not typically something that resonates right away when you think about visiting this Central American region.  Read more >

Make Your Way Down the Macal

The best way to see a country is through its culture and its nature. The guided canoe tour, offered through Hidden Valley Inn & Reserve, hits both very important points. Read more >

Ancient Ruins of Xunantunich

Mayan ruins can be found all over this tropical oasis, and one of the most mystifying sites to see is the Mayan site of Xunantunich in the city of San Ignacio.  Read more >

The Blue Holes of Belize

If you don’t have time to make it the Great Blue Hole off the coast of Belize, it’s not a problem, a little over an hours drive away from Hidden Valley you can find Saint Herman’s Caves and Blue Hole. Read more >

Art History in the Making

Belize affords plenty of wonderful opportunities to see and learn about Mayan artifacts, but what about the art still being created in the country today? Read more >

A Zoo Built Just for Belize

Belize has beautiful wildlife, and while you’re at the Hidden Valley Inn, you will likely see quite a bit of it on the reserve.  Read more >

A Sight Worth Earning

If you’re traveling to Belize, chances are you’re interested in beauty that’s both natural and historical. Read more >

Fry Jacks, Panades, Escabeche, and Soursop Wine, The Cuisine of Belize

Since it's unlikely that you have a Belizean restaurant in your neighborhood, here are four things you might look for on the menu while dinning in the Maya Valley. For breakfast, look for fry jacks. Read more >

What to Expect From Our Newest Vacation Package

Thanks to Hidden Valley Inn’s newest partnership with the Victoria House, a luxurious hotel located on the stunning shores of Belize, getting the best of both worlds has never been easier. Read more >

Hidden Valley's "Big 5" for Bird Watching

It’s believed by conservationists that the Hidden Valley Reserve is home to approximately half of Belize’s "avifauna," a term used to describe birds specific to a region. Read more >

Zip Line Your Way Through Belize

You’ve explored the lush jungles of Belize on foot, now take to the trees with an exciting zip lining tour at Calico Jack’s Village. Located just 30  45 minutes from our Hidden Valley Inn, Calico Jack’s is known for their safe and adventurous zip lining tours.  Read more >

Breathe In and Breathe Out in Belize

To us, Belize is about more than finding adventure in the natural world. It’s a home for spiritual renewal, inner reflection and a retreat for the body, mind and soul. We get it, and that’s why we provide our guests with unique and relaxing yoga experiences at Hidden Valley Inn.  Read more >

Refresh Yourself

If you’re planning a hike or adventure through the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, we know a great place to stop for a break and cool off. Rio On Pools, located less than a half hour from the Hidden Valley Inn, is a series of cool, crystal-clear pools separated by smooth granite rocks, punctuated with picturesque waterfalls. Read more >

Explore the Caverns

There's nothing quite like the amazing caves of Belize, and Rio Frio Cave is no exception. Located about a half hour from the Hidden Valley Inn, the seventy-foot tall opening of the Rio Frio Cave is enough to take most visitors breath away. Read more >

The Beauty of Big Rock Falls

The Hidden Valley Inn is surrounded by natural beauty. One spot beloved by visitors and locals alike is the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve. Read more >

Bring on the Butterflies

For a fun and unique experience with a different sort of Belize wildlife, head to the Green Hills Butterfly Ranch, 4,000 square feet of green space that houses thousands of butterflies of many different species. Read more >

Enter the Mayan Underworld

If you're looking for a unique and unforgettable Belize experience and you're not afraid of the dark, then grab a canoe and paddle into the Barton Creek Cave. Read more >

You Won't Belize Your Eyes

The Belize Botanical Garden is so much more than just a garden. Apart from being the only garden in all of Belize, there is an incredible amount to see (we recommend taking at least several hours), from the Native Orchid House, which is home to hundreds of orchid types, all native to Belize, as well as the trails through the Macal River Valley, where you can tube down the river and see its vibrant population of colorful birds and other wildlife. Read more >

A Meeting of the Mayans

Take a step back through history and experience the amazing Cahal Pech Mayan Ruins and Museum. Off the beaten path from more well-traveled sites, the Cahal Pech ruins were rated one of the Top Traveler's Choices of 2014 according to TripAdvisor. The Read more >

Romantic Getaway Experience

Hidden Valley is aptly named for any perfect romantic getaway by reserving your own private waterfall to enjoy in the splendor that is the Belize Jungle. Read more >

A Must-Do Zoo

We can't rave enough about the Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center, one of our favorite Belize adventures. This special place doubles as a wildlife sanctuary where more than 150 rescued animals âÂ?" including toucans, jaguar, puma, tapir, raptors, harpy eagles and spider monkeys Read more >

Lose Your Sense of Direction

There’s plenty to love about Hidden Valley Inn & Reserve but we’re going to zero in on one that’s purely practical. And, if you’re prone to getting lost or losing your sense of direction, this one’s for you! With mor Read more >

Top 10 Reasons to Put HVIR on Your Bucket List

Mollie Tichy, travel writer, long time Belize visitor and fan, gives her top 10 reasons to put HVIR on your bucket list, including why Hidden Valley Inn stands out from the options available in the Cayo region. Read more >

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